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Welcome To Tennessee Occupational Health, Inc.!

Tennessee Occupational HealthTennessee Occupational Health, Inc. is pleased to announce its new satellite office located in Clinton, Tennessee.  Our office is located within the Clinton Physical Therapy Complex, 1921 N. Charles Seivers Blvd. Clinton, Tennessee.  All scheduling is handled via central scheduling at 865-766-5194.

Tennessee Occupational Health. Inc. is an independent provider of workforce health care services. We are a small business and are woman owned. We are focused on tracking results while ensuring the most appropriate treatment and best outcomes for our patients.

Our innovative approach to workforce healthcare assists employers to achieve smarter utilization for every health care dollar, while ensuring that patients receive the best possible care in a professional and positive setting.

We at Tennessee Occupational Health, Inc. can handle the needs of both small and large employers and offer traditional services, along with non-traditional services such as staffing and oversight for onsite centers that can be located at an employer’s facility. Our goal is to integrate a range of solutions that incorporate not only identifying and addressing risk factors in the workplace, but also supporting goals for wellness screening and healthy lifestyle education for all employees.